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DVD Paragliding : Learn to fly

This dvd is a complete tutorial for all beginner and intermediate paraglider pilots

mardi 27 novembre 2012, par Ephix, Pierrot

Welcome to the world of Paragliding.

The aim of this film is to introduce you to this amazing sport, and to explain the basic skills and theoretical knowledge that are essential for a long, safe and rewarding flying career.

Man has always dreamed of free flying ; the ability to fly like a bird and view nature and landscapes from a different perspective, without the need of an engine or cumbersome machine.

With paragliding this is possible. All that is required is the correct equipment, training and knowledge .

A paraglider is a foot-launched, ram-air, aerofoil canopy, designed to be flown and landed with no other energy requirements other than the wind, gravity and the pilot’s musclepower.

It may look like a parachute but in effect works more like a sailplane.

Paragliding offers different types of flying, and is a very personal thing, whether it be gently soaring flights in smooth air or epic cross country adventures in strong thermals or even radical aerobatics, the choice is yours.

In any case keep in mind that safety is the most important issue for a long flying career.

Regardless of the direction you take, right now you’re at a stage that all of them have in common : your initiation !

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This DVD does not replace proper training in a recognized school, it is intended to be used as an aid to your learning experience, so that you can review any stage of your training in your own time.

We will use animations to help visualise the theoretical course material dealing with the aerodynamics of flight, meteorology, and regulations.

Experienced instructors will show you how to perfectly inflate a canopy, using both the forward and reverse methods, this will give you an idea of the skills you should be aiming to learn.

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We hope you enjoy this film...good luck with your training and future flights.

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