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Nero sort un codec concurrent du DivX

vendredi 14 mars 2003

L’éditeur allemand Ahead, est sur le point de sortir un nouveau codec MPEG-4 pour son produit phare : Nero. Ce codec est en concurrence direct avec le format DivX, et autres formats basés sur la norme MPEG-4.

Voici le communiqué de presse de Ahead :

Ahead Software to preview complete MPEG-4 audio and video solution encompassing full ISO/14496-2/3 compatibility, and state of the art audio, High Efficiency AAC in MPEG (aacPlus).

Ahead Software, the makers of Nero, the technology leader in CD/DVD recording software, are set to preview at the forthcoming NAB exhibition, the most complete MPEG-4 audio and video compression technology available to date – Nero Digital.

Designed for optimum compatibility with the ISO/14496-2/3 MPEG-4 standard, the Nero Digital MP4 A/V codec’s will have the utmost quality video coding algorithms and full High Efficiency AAC in MPEG audio.

With DVD quality at only 20% of the space, Nero Digital video codec supports the most popular simple and advanced MPEG-4 visual profiles, and can decode DivX, Xvid, QuickTime, and other MPEG-4 implementations.

The Nero Digital audio codec is built on Ahead’s proven proficiency in AAC technology but goes much further with significant efficiency and quality enhancements. Now set to become a key core component of MPEG-4, High Efficiency AAC in MPEG audio, is an incomparable bandwidth extension technique allowing bit rates to be considerably reduced with no definable quality loss.

Nero Digital is the result of extensive co-development by Ahead Software and one of the World leaders in video and signal processing, Ateme of France. The audio/video codec will be available for download during Q2 2003 with turnkey solutions for Consumer Electronics manufacturers in the same time. More information will be released from the www.nerodigital.com and www.nerodigital.com/embedded web sites soon.

"It’s great to see Nero Digital joining the growing amount of products that provide cutting-edge technology building on the interoperable, open standard MPEG-4 standard" said Rob Koenen, President of the MPEG-4 Industry forum.

"Nero Digital will be the World’s first complete end to end MPEG-4 solution to include MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC profile", says Ivan Dimkovic, the MPEG-4 Project leader at Ahead Software. "With its unbeatable video and audio encoding power, we are confident that Nero Digital will be best positioned to become ‘the’ technology leader in the ever increasing MPEG-4 market"

Ahead Software

About Ahead - Ahead Software is the technology leader in CD and DVD recording solutions. Headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany, with a subsidiary located in Glendale, California, Ahead has a global customer base including manufacturers, OEM’s, distributors and retail partners. Nero is the World’s premier CD/DVD application software, and its related products include InCD, NeroVision Express, and Showtime. Nero Digital is the most complete MPEG-4 audio and video compression technology available to date, including state-of-the-art audio with MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC.


About Ateme - Ateme is headquartered in France (www.ateme.com). It is one of the leading providers of hardware and software solutions for video and signal processing in the World. To license Nero Digital for embedded solutions, Consumer Electronics manufacturers should visit www.nerodigital.com/embedded

MPEG-4 Industry Forum

About M4IF – The MPEG-4 Industry Forum represents more than 100 companies from diverse industries evenly distributed across North America, Europe and Asia, addressing MPEG-4 adoption issues that go beyond the charter of ISO/IEC MPEG. Activities of the forum include an interoperability program, certification, several working groups, access to ISO/MPEG committee members, and an annual conference (WEMP-4). For more information visit : http://www.m4if.org

Ahead Software is a member of the MPEG-4 Industry Forum and takes part in M4IF’s interoperability tests.

Voir en ligne : Nerodigital.com

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